Central Florida Bed Bugs

For years, bed bugs have been a problem that many homes have had to deal with, and to date, they remain a major problem. They are not only difficult to detect, but they also have excellent hitchhiking skills that make them attach easily to people and find their way into their homes. Bed bugs attach to just about anything such as clothes, luggage, furniture, backpacks, etc. The more people move around and travel, the higher their chances of getting a bug attached to them and carrying the pest into their homes.

Some Facts about Bed Bugs

Over a month, a bedbug can lay up to 500 eggs and, they lay their eggs in batches of between 10 and 50. Bedbugs lay eggs in cracks and crevices, and they attach themselves to different items in the home.

The lifecycle of bedbugs from egg to full-grown adults has seven (7) stages, which can be from 45 years up to a year.

Bedbugs have a life cycle of between 50 days to a year, depending on the living conditions.

Bedbugs can go weeks without feeding on anything.


Knowing that you have bedbugs in your home starts from noticing bedbug bites all over your body. Bedbugs feed on blood, and they have to bite you to get their food. They inject chemicals into the body to keep the blood flowing and make you the host not feel the bite. The chemical is made up of an anesthetic and anticoagulant to prevent blood clotting. The anatomy of a bedbug is designed to feed on blood and hide in places where it will be difficult to discover them. Below are signs that you have a bedbug problem:

Fecal Spots: Bedbugs usually leave tiny black dots of spots around. Seeing tiny dots that look like they came off a felt tip pen is a sign that bedbugs are present in your living space.

Blood Spots: If by chance, a bug gets crushed, it will leave blood spots behind.

Odors: If bedbugs infest an area heavily, they are easily noticed because of the strong stench that oozes from them.

The bugs: If you check corners, cracks, crevices, and creases, you will find the bedbugs crawling all over the place if they are present in your home. They may not immediately be recognizable, but with the help of the bedbug experts at Blaum’s Termite and Pest Control, you will know for sure what kind of insect you have crawling around in your home.

What is Blaum's Strategy For Controlling Bed Bugs in Central Florida?

We have bedbug experts with extensive knowledge of bedbug treatment and decades of experience. We advise starting the treatment immediately, you suspect the presence of bedbugs, and if you are not sure, you can call on us to help you observe and identify if you have a bedbug problem. Our selection of professional bedbug treatment is broken down below:

Survey: We discuss your bedbug problem, and if necessary, our experts will visit your property at a convenient time for you, offer recommendations and give you a quote.

Treatment: Our professional experts will come over to your property and administer the treatment. At Blaum’s Pests and Termites Control Services, we offer effective solutions through tailored treatment.

Aftercare and Maintenance: We understand that bedbug treatment is not a one-off thing. We will return to your property to offer you prevention advice and further tips on how to deal with the problem. We will ensure the bedbugs never return.

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