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Carpenter ants are very destructive insects. They damage things in your home, and they pose a serious threat to the structure of your home. They are big black or dark brown ants crawling all over the place. The presence of these ants makes your home unhealthy, and you have to act fast in getting rid of them to prevent a full-blown infestation problem. Blaum’s Termite and Pest Control offers remediation services aimed at getting rid of carpenter ants from your living space. To know how you can protect your home from this insect, learn more about its identification, habits, and behavior and the treatment options in case you have an infestation problem.

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Carpenter ants are dark brown or black, and they come in sizes of a quarter of an inch or half of an inch. They live in nests made from excavated wood. According to professional exterminators, carpenter ants can be easily mistaken for termites, but they are bigger than termites, and their wings and antennae are shaped differently.

To identify Carpenter ants, note that they do not form single-file straight lines like leaf cutter ants. You will usually find them grouped around food or water sources. Carpenter ants build their nests by excavating wood, but the excavated wood usually looks like shredded sawdust. When termites eat into the wood, the part eaten out usually looks mud-like.

Carpenter ants, when they damage things, usually leave everything clean as they take out the debris and drop it outside. This is different from termite damage, which usually leaves behind things like insect parts and mud.


If you are wondering how carpenter ants got into your home, you most likely have wooden items in your home, or there is a shrub or tree close to your home, and these ants branched out from there. If you also burn wood in your home, carpenter ants can get into your home through a single piece of wood. They mostly bore out their nest into stored wood, and from there, they multiply and get to other parts of your home.

Carpenter ants have a life span of between seven and ten years. The workers have a lifespan of up to seven years, and the queens have a lifespan of up to ten years. This is the more reason not to wait for the ants to leave on their own or expect their colony to die out. You have to make a move by hiring the exterminators at Blaum’s Termite and Pest Control to solve the problem for you. The best way to prevent carpenter ants infestation is to get rid of all wood sources close to your home. Remove tree branches hanging over your home and trim grasses and bushes, so they do not touch your home. Also, get a pest control expert from Blaum’s Termite and Pest Control Services to evaluate your home and make appropriate recommendations.

What is Blaum's Strategy For Carpenter Ants in Central Florida?


This involves checking out your home to see if it is at the risk of getting overrun with carpenter ants. A professional exterminator comes over to assess your home and take the necessary precautions to prevent a carpenter ant infestation.


If you already have an infestation problem on your hands, our professionals will check it out to see the extent of the damages caused, identify the breeding areas and recommend the best treatment plan.

Initial Treatment

We employ the best treatment methods to flush the ants out instantly.

Follow-Up Treatment

This comes up after the initial treatment, and it is to ensure that the carpenter ants have not found their way back or started building new colonies. This is done to get rid of the ants permanently.

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