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A termite is classified as a Wood-Destroying Organism and is thus included in WDO Inspections. A wood-destroying organism is an animal or organism that damages or infests wood in a structure. Termites are well-known for damaging wood structures, be it subterranean termites, damp-wood, dry-wood, or Formosan termites. In Florida, termites pose the highest level of threat to wood more than fires, hurricanes, and floods. A termite infestation is usually not noticeable at the start and can only be detected by trained eyes. If the infestation goes unnoticed, the damage can be very severe and might cost a homeowner thousands of dollars in repairs.

Termite Inspections in Central Florida are an integral part of the wood-destroying organism (WDO) inspection that every home should undergo during a sale. After the inspection of the property, the inspector prepares a report based on the things that were observed and noticed. It is important that every homeowner hires a licensed and reputable WDO Inspector such as Blaum’s Termite & Pest Control. Our inspectors have decades of combined experience and take pride in the services they render. A termite inspection exercise goes beyond recognizing what a termite infestation looks like; the inspector must be well-grounded in the habits, biology, and behavior of a termite colony. By knowing these, the inspector will be able to identify the places to check for evidence of termite infestation.


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Here are just a few things we check for when inspecting your home for termites

Damaged Floors

Is the floor soft or spongy to feel? Termites are known for living inside structures, and they may be gnawing at your floor from the inside without you realizing it. The inspector checks the floor to see if any part feels spongy as a result of possible termite attack.

Internal Cracks in the walls and ceilings

Termites enjoy being out of sight and may have created a home in the ceilings and walls. A comprehensive WDO inspection will check out these parts of your home.

Misshapen Doors

Misshapen doors may be the result of termites damaging the door from inside. It may also be that the door or window is opening and closing easily. These may be the effects of a termite attack.

Wood fragments and feces

Termite droppings are known as Frass. Once they are all over the house, there is a termite problem that must be handled as soon as possible.

Swarms of termites flying from nests.

Mud tubes built along walls, baseboards, or windowsills.

After evaluating all these signs of termite infestation, the inspector completes a detailed written summary. The inspector will also attach a full report of the inspection alongside estimates for remediation and recommendations of termite treatment services.

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