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We understand that termite, cockroach, and pest control issues in your home is a scary situation for you and your family. And that’s why we’re here to help. We’ve proudly provided exterminator services in Doctor Phillips Florida community  for years. Trust your home to Blaum’s Termite & Pest Control. 

Doctor Phillips Florida Termite Control

Due to their size, it’s easy for termites to go unnoticed for a long period of time, thus causing massive issues to your home’s structure and foundation.

It’s common for termites to live behind walls, and underground which means they can be difficult to detect. That’s why it’s important to call a professional right away if you suspect your home has a termite problem.

Blaum’s specializes in termite prevention, detection, and treatment.

Let us take care of the problem before it causes a much larger issue for your home. Don’t wait until your family and home are in danger.

In addition, Blaum’s is proud to be a licensed WDO Inspector & Termite Inspector in the state of Florida.


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doctor phillips florida termite exterminator

Doctor Phillips Florida Pest Control

doctor phillips florida pest control

Pest related problems at your home or business is definitely a problem that you want resolved quickly and professionally. 

Let us handle those pesky pests before they cause harm to you, your family, or your home. 

Your home should be a safe, comfortable, and relaxing place for you and your family. Not for pests, rodents, and critters. 

Blaum’s Termite & Pest Control is committed to removing unwanted bugs and critters from your home and property in a safe, reliable, and professional manner.

Here are some of the common issues we solve in Doctor Phillips Florida:

  • Pest Control
  • Mosquito Control
  • Rodent Control 
  • Flea & Tick Control
  • Bed Bug Treatment & Control

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Doctor Phillips Florida Lawn & Shrub Treatment

If you have an insect problem in your lawn, shrubs, or garden you’ll want to get an experienced exterminator to handle the problem. Keeping your property insect and pest free is our mission, and we make sure we do the job right, the first time. 

We guarantee our lawn, shrub, and pest control services will rid your landscaping of those pesky bugs, rodents, and insects so you can enjoy your yard in peace. 

And our services don’t stop there. Our proprietary, thorough treatment of your yard keeps the pests away after we leave, so you can be assured that the problem is corrected, and the pests are at bay.

Blaum’s also provides lawn fertilization to give the nutrients that a green lawn, and shrubs require. Florida lawns are prone to fungus and weeds that we treat to make sure your property stays a beautiful, lush green all year round!

doctor phillips florida lawn and shrub exterminator

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