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When the struggle against pests seem too much for you to bear and you scamper day in and out killing and spraying till it becomes a daily affair, look no further, we bring professional help to the Pine Hills,

Florida community. We exterminate their eggs, nymphs, and larva with detailed care. You will see them no more for the year. To make this happen, call us for the prevention, control and treatment of pests in your home.

Pine Hills Florida Pest Control

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The running cost incurred in trying to prevent pests in homes continues due to the treatment administered.

Despite that, pests still resurface in no time because prevention and control were not done properly. Bed bugs continue to resurface at night, rodents become inclusive members of many homes, mosquitoes sing their lullabies and spiders build their webs.

Requesting professional help has been made easy, with our services at Pine Hills, you get lose your encounters with these creatures in your home at a friendly fee.

Blaum’s Termite and Pest Control specializes in making your home a haven rather than an abode for pests. We provide professional treatment to already infested homes; we offer control services and give advice on the maintenance of a treated home. 

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Pine Hills Florida Termite Control

Wooden materials are prone to termite infestation. Termites do not only feast on pure wood but also books. They can live in a place without being detected for months, feasting and procreating till they become an army. Since they are parasites, they continue to destroy your household items leaving you to incur the losses.

Without professional assistance, termites are difficult to conquer. At Blaum’s Termite and Pest Control services, our expertise over the years has helped homes in Pine Hill, record success over termite infestation. We provide professional assistance in preventing termite invasion by using tested products during the extermination, and also offer profound advice in maintenance once treatment is done.

In addition, Blaum’s is proud to be a licensed WDO Inspector & Termite Inspector in the state of Florida.

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Pine Hills Florida Lawn & Shrub Treatment

Children are fond of playing on the lawn, with flowers at the garden or home shrubs. The lawn also serves as a place for relaxation, especially on weekends. Lawns can become easily infested with insects such as bugs, bees, termites, ticks, fleas and also rodents. When this happens, lawns become inhabitable, because of fear of insect bites, and rodents are scaring children away. To totally get rid of these pests and own your lawn once more, you need professional help. Blaum’s Termite and Pest Control Services offers top-notch extermination services to both homes and offices in the treatment and control of pests. We offered our services at Pine Hills, Florida, for years with various testimonials. Pine Hills Lawns and shrubs are constantly affected by fungus and weed, therefore our treatment also covers making sure weeds don’t resurface easily, and fungus is curbed season long.   

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