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If you have problems controlling the presence of pests, cockroaches, and termites in your home, we understand the frustration that comes with that.

And that is exactly why at Blaum’s Termite & Pest Control, we are here to support you with our services. We have served the Kissimmee community and its surrounding cities for years; so, you can trust that Blaum’s can handle your pest problems, the first time.

Kissimmee Florida Termite Control

termite inspection and control in kissimmee florida

Imagine living with termites in your home and not knowing, and these insects causing damages to the foundation and structure of your home.

The thought of that alone is scary in itself. You do not want termites to make a home out of your walls and the grounds of your home. To prevent this, a professional exterminator can help you.

This is what Blaum’s Termite & Pest Control specializes in. We help prevent, detect, and treat termite problems in Kissimmee, Florida, and the surrounding areas.

Before your termite problem goes out of hand and it causes severe damages to your home, or you will be unable to control it, contact us at Blaum’s to handle the problem.

In addition, Blaum’s is proud to be a licensed WDO Inspector & Termite Inspector in the state of Florida.

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Kissimmee Florida Pest Control

Have you been living and dealing with pests? And nothing that you seem to have done or been doing seems to be working? Well, you no longer have to live that way. We can help you at Blaum’s Termite & Pest Control.

We can remove those pests from your living space professionally and make sure you never have to deal with them anymore.

Let us keep your home and family safe from pests before those pesky animals cause any harm or damages. It is important that your home remains a relaxing, comfortable, and safe place for you and your family. No pest should get in the way of that.

At Blaum’s, we will make sure we remove unwanted critters and bugs from your living space using professional, reliable, and safe methods.

Our pest control services in Kissimmee, Florida, are listed below:

  • Pest treatment and control.
  • Rodent and Mosquito control.
  • Flea & Tick treatment.
  • Bed bug treatment.

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kissimme florida pest control

Kissimmee Florida Lawn & Shrub Treatment

Every homeowner wishes to have a clean, healthy green lawn or garden and to achieve that, you must keep pests and contaminants out.

Blaum’s Termite & Pest Control will do a good job of ensuring that the lawn on your property does not have insects and pests on it. Blaum’s is the best for the job, and we do a really good job.

We can help you make sure that those rodents, insects and pesky bugs never bother you again and we also treat your yard thoroughly so that after correcting the problem, you will never have to deal with that problem again.

Besides keeping pests off your lawn, we also fertilize your lawn to ensure that it gets all the nutrients to keep it green.

Fungus and weeds are the biggest problems with Florida lawns, and we can help you treat them to ensure that you have a lush green lawn throughout the year.

Learn More About Lawn and Shrub Pest Control Treatment in Kissimmee Florida.

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