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It is expected of homes and buildings located in the cities in Florida to be constantly subjected to regular pest infestation.

This is due to the semi-tropical humid climate that Florida is known for and of course, Davenport is not an exception.

Property owners and occupants in Davenport, Florida should be regularly at alert for any form of pest invasion ranging from bugs, fleas, rodents, and other critters, cockroaches, termites, etc. these pests multiply into large numbers within a short period and they can go unnoticed for long periods by which time they would have become too difficult to handle.

Of course, that is why Blaum’s Termite and Pest Control is here for you as a professional exterminator in Davenport, Florida. With the combined decades of experience that our technicians have, we can deal with the pests on your property in the most professional and reliable manner.

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Davenport Florida Pest Control

Check out some of the pests that a Davenport Exterminator can help you remove from your property.
Rodents and other Critters: Florida experiences a high influx of rats, especially during the cold seasons. It is also common to find raccoons in areas with wetlands.

Roaches: Usually, cockroaches thrive in warm and dark areas, and before you discover them, they would have taken over the entire area. You will find both domestic roaches and German roaches in your living space in Davenport, Florida, which you will need an experienced exterminator to remove for you.

Ants: You will most likely find those white-footed ants in your yard, shrubbery, or landscape. Ants are also highly evasive, and without proper treatment, they can become a problem that never goes away. This is why you need to treat them regularly with the help of a professional and experienced Davenport exterminator.

Hornets, Bees, and wasps: European Hornets, honeybees and other stinging insects are common in Florida and the cities in Florida. Mostly, these insects keep to themselves, but once they nest in a place, they can become thousands within a short time with the potential to get aggressive whenever they feel like you are taking over their space. Remove them in the safest possible way with the help of Blaum’s Termite and Pest Control as soon as you can.

Termites: The warm temperature in Florida is responsible for the presence of termites, and they are quite difficult to detect because they live inside walls and underground. Leaving them to breed and multiply can damage the structure of your property. Thus, you should contact Blaum’s Termite and Pest Control to tackle the problem for you.

Fleas/Ticks: Fleas enjoy living on the bodies of furry animals, and if you do not handle them well, they will not only make you uncomfortable in your home, they will make your beloved pets uncomfortable as well.

Bats: Bats are harmless and are insectivores, but you must not allow them to establish a colony in your home. While you may enjoy the fact that they eat up those harmful insects, you definitely should get rid of both the bats and the insects from your living space.

Bed Bugs: Bed bugs are creepy little creatures that live in your mattress and bed linens. Tiny in size, they can easily go undetected until you notice bites on you or your family’s body. Bed bugs can cause lack of sleep, painful bites, and other issues that makes living in your home a nightmare. 

Often, many homeowners attempt to deal with the issue of pests in their home themselves by purchasing over-the-counter chemicals and bombs, but this may not be a smart an idea.

These can go wrong and cause health or physical hazards to the people living in the house.

What you should do instead, as a homeowner is to seek the services of a professional and experienced Davenport, Florida exterminator to help you out.

With decades of experience, Blaum’s Termite and Pest Control aims to assist all homeowners in Davenport, Florida, keep their homes safe and clean from pest infestation in the most professional and reliable manner.

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