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A home without Cockroaches, termites, mosquitoes, bugs, ticks, fleas and rodents is truly a dream and can be your home. Without having to keep buying new furniture over and again because of damage caused by pests. Having to save and invest extra money meant for constant pest control. This could be yours, as we are here to offer you a long-lasting cure to pest infestation. Blaum’s Termite and Pest control has been in Tildenville for years, providing unmatched extermination services again, both flying and crawling pests. Trust Blaum’s for all pest problems.

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Tildenville Florida Pest Control

With your normal day to day pest treatment, bed bugs could hibernate for days without being detected. Rodents will continue to frisk around your premises if left unchecked. Mosquitoes will continue to breed and feast night after night if appropriate measures aren’t taken. Pests come in different shapes and sizes and also in mass, which makes them difficult to control. However, with professional hand, it is better managed, eradicated and prevented. At Blaums, we offer you reasonable prices for our services, which include: Pest Control for generic pests, Mosquito Control, which curbs their infestation, Rodent Control for crawling creatures, Flea and Tick Control, Bed Bug Treatment and Control for foamy materials.

Tildenville Florida Lawn & Shrub Treatment

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To have a neatly graded, pest-free lawn. To protect the sanctity of your lawn, garden and shrubs from insects and rodents. To stop the mass entry of insects and rodents on your shrubs, lawn and garden. Getting an expert and professional service is your best chance at getting this done. At Blaum’s, we offer a wide range of lawn, garden and shrubs treatment services such as: A thorough treatment of your patio to keep the pests away after treatment, so you can be assured that the problem is corrected and adequately prevented. Professional advice as regards the maintenance of your lawn after treatment. Effective and speedy action to your pest infestation distress call. Tildenville Florida’s lawns are prone to fungus and weeds due to the environmental situation. No worries. We provide a treatment that leaves your lawn and garden green and fungi-free. We make your lawn a beautiful green planet without a scare of being bitten by pest or resurgence of dangerous insects. To give your lawn a healthy look, give us a call today.

Tildenville Florida Termite Control

Termites have been known to destroy wooden materials from time immemorial, don’t let them continue with yours. Your wooden furniture, such as shelves, chairs, bed frames, if left unchecked, are not safe from termite invasion. Your stacks of books are not left out, along with your cherished wallpapers. Termites are slow destroyers and have the ability to stay undetected in tiny spaces. Without professional help, they become prevalent and keep feasting on valuable items, making you spend more.
Our specialty at Blaum’s is in termite prevention, detection, and treatment. Our services keep them at bay permanently.

In addition, Blaum’s is proud to be a licensed WDO Inspector & Termite Inspector in the state of Florida.

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