Silverfish is a type of pest known for being destructive. Silverfishes damage clothing, wallpaper, papers, books, and other things they come in contact with. They feed mainly on carbohydrates such as starch and sugars, as well as dead insects. They are mostly found around food sources, damp and dark areas, and hidden areas.

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Silverfish are bluish-silver or brownish-grey in color. They are between 12 – 19 mm in length, and they have three long bristles attached to the rear part of their body.

Biology of Silverfish

Male silverfish lay spermatophores, which the female specimens take into their ovipositor to create eggs. There are different species of silverfish, so the number of eggs and habits vary. One specie might lay up to 20 eggs daily while another specie may not lay more than one egg per day.



Silverfish are mostly detected in the bathtub or sink, and sometimes the way they feed usually gives them out. They are nocturnal animals, and they are very hard to find. They also move really quickly; thus, you might never see them in one place for long. This explains why they go undetected for a long time once they get into a house, and coupled with the fact that they reproduce quickly, they can multiply into large numbers within a short time.

Silverfish can survive in any environment, but they prefer humid areas. So, when trying to prevent silverfish infestation, focus on the areas with high humidity in your home. Below are some prevention tips:

  • Install vents in crawl spaces. Use baseboards with caulking in your basement.
  • Limit potential feeding areas by making sure food storage spaces are kept clean and well-aerated.

How Does Blaum's Control Silverfish in Central Florida?

Consultation and Inspection

If you want to check your home for the presence of silverfishes, get in touch with our experts at Blaum’s Termite and Pest Control to come down to your property and check it out for signs of silverfish.


After our pest exterminators have inspected and confirmed the presence of silverfish in your home, they get rid of everything that may contribute to their presence. They will then administer thorough and professional treatment to flush out the insects from their hiding places. We do not rely on methods like traps and insecticides. We use a customized approach well-suited for your property to get rid of the insects and their eggs.

Routine Inspection

After the initial treatment, our exterminators will, from time to time, visit your property to apply a further treatment that will make sure these insects never return to your home. Our goal is not only to remove silverfishes from your home but also to solve the problem permanently.



If you have a silverfish infestation in your home, you need to hire professional exterminators. At Blaum’s Termite and Pest Control, we can assess the situation and recommend the most appropriate treatment method for you. Put a call through today to get a free quote.

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