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Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) inspections involve checking for the presence of wood-destroying organisms in the home. It is usually a requirement when buying or selling a home. The homebuyer must be furnished with a detailed WFO report to be tendered at the bank, Mortgage Company, or guarantor. WDO inspections are carried out by state-certified consultants, and the reports are usually detailed, accurate, and simple to understand. A WDO inspection encompasses the following:

  • Checking for the presence of living termites or other insects that damage wood.
  • Checking for wood-damaging fungus.
  • Checking for any damages caused by termites.
  • Evidence of past termite or wood destroying organism treatment.
  • Evidence of infestation conditions in the home.
  • Checking crawlspaces, attic, and garage.
  • Looking out for tree branches hanging close to or over the home.
  • Leaky gutters or downspouts.
  • Poor grading.
  • Checking susceptible wood for termites by listening, tapping, and probing.

Most potential issues and evidence of wood damage are not noticeable to the naked eyes. WDO inspectors are well-trained and licensed to carry out more in-depth analyses of your home. They make use of specialized tools to carry out the inspection procedure. And if they find any evidence of wood-destroying organisms or insects, they will include it in the WDO report alongside recommendations and estimates for remediation. This is why you should look out for a reputable WDO inspector with a proven track record that can inspect and carry out the treatment, such as Blaum’s Termite and Pest Control.


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Working With a Licensed WDO Inspector

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A WDO inspector is a professional licensed with the State of Florida to handle WDO inspections and provide a detailed report. Blaum’s Termite & Pest Control is a reputable and licensed professional WDO Inspector capable of carrying out a detailed inspection on your property.

When many people hear about WDO inspection, the only thing that comes to their minds is inspecting a home for the presence of termites. However, a WDO inspection goes beyond just checking for termites. The WDO inspector checks for evidence of a pest infestation in the past, wood decay, evidence that the home has been treated before, damaged wooden structures, and conditions that favor the infestation of wood-destroying organisms. With proper protection for wood from moisture, insects, and other wood damaging organisms, the wooden components in a home can last for hundreds of years. If not well-protected, however, different insects and organisms can damage the home.

When Should You Call a WDO Expert?

You should call a WDO Expert immediately you notice any of the following in your home:

  • Mold around the house.
  • Rot in different parts of your home.
  • Softened wood that feels spongy and breaks off when you apply pressure.
  • Wood with whitish-yellowing tinge.
  • Soil in crevices and cracks of wood.

Of course, the above does not cover all the issues that should prompt a WDO inspection, they are the telltale signs of the presence of wood-destroying organisms. And you should take action immediately if your home has any of these signs. If you are a prospective homebuyer and a WDO inspection has been carried out on the property, you should not see any of these signs anywhere in the home.

A WDO inspection takes about 30 minutes to an hour. If it is a large property or if the property has a great deal of damage, it may take longer. If you are the one buying the home, make sure you hire the inspector. If any damages show up in the report, the buyer pays for the repairs, and thus, has to make sure that their inspector is thorough with the inspection.

For a thorough, credible, and professional WDO inspection in Florida, get in touch with Blaum’s Termite and Pest Control Services.

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